Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio

Welcome to the studio store!

This page is updated every Friday with 3-5 new creations.  I only create beads and pendants on a hobby level, so the years of offering hundreds of items online are no more.  Check back weekly to find something special that is sure to put a twinkle in YOUR eye!  

To purchase, you can complete your transaction online using the Paypal buy buttons, email me at:   [email protected]  OR you may call 856-362-3720 for same day assistance.  Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express accepted. 


New products will be added to the bead store on December 20, 2019. 

20 new floral beads and 10 new universe beads and dear Lord they sparkle!  Ooh, La, La...  See you then!  ~ Starleen 

Metamorphosis Pendants

Gallery quality free-form sculpted pendants in a lovely silver bl ue-green metallic finish. ​  Wholesale pricing not offered on gallery grade items.

Item# FL33A   Freeform Sculpture Pendant & matching 6 pc bead set. (longer one on the right)
set price $154.00    .75 x 2.5 Inch 

Larger pendant SOLD!

Item# FL33B   Freeform Sculpture Pendant & matching 8pc bead set. (smaller one, on the left)
set price $138.00    .75 x 2.0 Inch


The Pine Barrens Pendant 
& matching bead set

The shaping on this one is extraordinary.  Gallery quality pendant.  Wholesale pricing is not offered on this item.

Item# FL35   Freeform Sculpture Pendant
& matching bead set. 

  Want one similar?  Just ask!   Price 79.00 to 189.00
for a custom.  I make several and you pick one!

set price $189.00   

2.25 x 2.25 Inch

Item# FL18     $125.00   SOLD! 
.78 x .88 Inch

Timeless ~   Premium Bouquet Bead

 A garland of six lush blossoms are wrapped atop dancing vines.  The design rests upon a bed of ethereal blue teal opalescent glass.  The design is eternally sealed under crystal clear bliss.  A forever bouquet never to fade nor change with the passing of time.  

Each bouquet bead takes 3-6 hours of passion at the torch to create!  This love for glass work is combined with sixteen years of technical skill and experiential knowledge at the torch, ensuring your purchase will stand the test of time as an heirloom quality work of art.

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